Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been written for users who want to know the details of how the data in the application Qlue used. The information that users share the common interest and how the parties could use the information authorities for further action.

Types of personal information collected Qlue

To help make Qlue more useful, Qlue will ask users to enter contact data such as email addresses, phone numbers and other user identity verification. Once the verification process is completed the data is not needed for the communication to be removed periodically.

When was the information collected

Qlue collect information from users during the registration and survey process.

The use of information from users

Qlue will process data into an analysis that generates precise and accurate information is then submitted to the authority for further action.

The analysis results will also be used for feedback, so that developers can mengembakan Qlue team to be better and deliver content that is useful to society.

Security confidentiality of user information

Qlue application uses Google technology for data processing is thus guaranteed security of Google's privacy SLA at the following link:

Protection of Personal Information

Qlue comply with government regulations set forth in Law Number 11 Year 2008 Chapter III as following link: